SC-3 海參精元素旅行裝(10粒)

全天然的SC-3海參精元素 containing supplement that is crucial to ,內含海參皂苷及微量元素, 是保持健康活力的關鍵。

每顆 experts then curate, process, powder and capsulize the best Sea Cucumbers to gain maximum health benefit out of its water soluble active ingredients for your convenient daily intake.

  • 成分純天然野生海參,純植物性膠囊
  • Content: 10 Capsules, 400mg each
  • Recommended use: Twice Daily (orally) 1-2 capsule(s) each time. With meal. 
  • 頑疾人士: 每日六粒,餐後進食

*SC-3 含有天然海參獨有的氣味


使用注意事項: 如服用後有任何不適或過敏反應,請先停服及咨詢醫生。如產品包裝破損,請勿食用。

儲藏指示: 避免兒童誤取,儲藏於陰涼乾燥的地方。